Aquatic Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Physical Therapy is a leading provider of aquatic therapy throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We are able to create individualized treatment plans by combining aquatic therapy with the other therapies we offer, which include exercise therapy, geriatric therapy, manual therapy and post-surgical therapy. Aquatic therapy is approved by most insurance companies, and it is suitable for workers' compensation and motor vehicle accident claims.

An Aquatic Approach

Our facility is equipped with a Hydro Track 1101, which is an aqua tank that caters to one person at a time for maximum privacy. The buoyancy and warmth of the water help alleviate pain but also allows patients to gain the strength needed to transition to non-aquatic therapies. The tank also features a treadmill, which allows patients to improve their functional endurance and gait patterns.
Tank used for aquatic physical therapy in Philadelphia, PA
The recovery process for an injury or a surgical treatment that affects your movement generally involves physical therapy. You need to strengthen your muscles and encourage tissue healing in a healthy, professional environment to prevent further damage. For some people, the most effective type of therapy may take place in the water.

Advanced Physical Therapy offers aquatic physical therapy for our patients who may not be strong enough to benefit from other forms of therapy. Aquatic therapy may also be used in conjunction with our other therapies as part of a patient's individual treatment plan.

Understanding How Aquatic Physical Therapy Works

Like any other type of therapy, aquatic therapy allows individuals to stretch and strengthen their bodies, restoring mobility and functionality. However, aquatic therapy takes place in a pool or tank of warm water. The temperature of the water soothes and relaxes the patient, and the water itself reduces the effect of gravity on the individual, allowing him or her to stand and practice walking.

Aquatic therapy provides a calm and relaxing environment where patients can focus on healing their bodies without overexerting themselves. The warm water cradles and massages the body, loosening muscles and improving circulation.

Choosing Aquatic Therapy

If non-aquatic therapies prove too difficult right after your injury or surgery, try rebuilding your strength in our Hydro Track 1101. The aqua tank is meant for patients to use individually, so you can focus on your health in a private environment. You can soothe your muscles in the warm water or practice your gait on the included treadmill.

Many insurance plans cover aquatic therapy, so it can easily become a central point of your personal treatment plan. And many patients successfully transition from aquatic therapy to more rigorous, non-aquatic activities. If you want to see if aquatic therapy will work for you, call our Philadelphia, PA office at (215) 742-8099 to set up an appointment.